Come face-to-face with wild gorillas and experience your own Attenborough moment

Uganda is rightly known as ‘The Pearl of Africa’ with its unspoiled rainforest, roaring Murchison’s Falls and variety of wildlife. But very little rivals coming face-to-face with wild gorillas and experience your own Attenborough moment. 

Nothing will prepare you for, and nothing compares with, a close encounter with a band of wild mountain gorillas led by a formidable, patriarchal silverback. Your heart will, almost literally, find its way into your mouth. You will think you’re on fire with excitement, even as you’re telling yourself to be calm and remain perfectly still.

Let Tania, our Uganda specialist, create you a tailor-made itinerary in Uganda and you’ll find you have ample time to make the acquaintance of any number of primates. Gorillas in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, chimpanzees in the Queen Elizabeth National Park, the monkeys of Kibale and even the tree-climbing lions of Ishasha.

But Tania can also personally recommend you experience the full biodiversity of this magnificent East African country. Its variety of ecosystems include open plains with an impressive array of antelope species and prowling lions. Not to mention rainforest and extensive wetland systems that are home to hippo, crocodiles and over 1000 different species of birds.

Ask Tania to suggest a holiday in Uganda you’ll remember forever.

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