An unrivalled experience whether you take a luxury cruise, or camp out on the ice

Not as accessible as the Arctic, but just as rewarding and much more remote. The Antarctic is ‘Life in the Freezer’ on a daily basis. This is, in every sense, the other end of the world.

In the Antarctic there are no mobile phones. Imagine the uninterrupted silence. There are no cars, no pollution, almost no people.

What there is, is scenery of such awesome beauty that will stretch the credibility of your eyes to take it in. Take a really good camera and hope that your photographs do some justice to the wonder of an entire continent almost completely covered by an enormous icecap.

There is also a fabulous amount of wildlife in this seemingly desolate area. Perhaps there’s a correlation between the absence of man and the abundance of animals, but unfamiliarity with humans means you can find yourself really close to many of Antarctic’s natural residents. Colonies of Emperor, Gentoo and Adélie penguins for example. Beaches populated by grumpy elephant, fur and leopard seals. Seas that suddenly erupt as humpback and minke whales break surface.

Ask Sara Willis, one of our resident experts on Antarctica, to tailor-make an itinerary and you could find yourself actually camping out on the wild ice, or sailing the seas in a luxury, purpose-built cruise ship.

Just take plenty of warm clothes!

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