Douglas Skeggs

Douglas Skeggs read Fine Art at Magdalene College, Cambridge and since 1980 has been a lecturer on the history and techniques of painting.  He has made several art documentaries and written and advised on many more.  An accomplished painter in his own right, three one-man exhibitions of his paintings have been held.  His biography of Monet, River of Light: Monet’s Impressions of the Seine, sold 65,000 copies, and he has also written several novels.  Over the years he has accompanied numerous tours across Europe.

Nigel McGilchrist

Art-historian Nigel McGilchrist has lived in Italy, Greece and Turkey for over 30 years. He has worked as a writer and academic in Europe and in America and is much in demand as a speaker and guest lecturer. He is the author of the Blue Guide to the Aegean Islands and of the 20 volumes of McGilchrist’s Greek Islands.