Borneo is the world’s third largest island, and one of the most unspoiled regions on Earth

Meet the ancestors? Not quite, but look into the face of one of Borneo’s ‘old men of the forest’ and you’ll experience a connection that isn’t possible with any other species on Earth…

For Zelie Lewis – our Borneo fanatic – the ultimate Borneo holiday experience is to trek through the dense jungle and towering trees of the centuries old, virgin rainforest of the Danum Valley…to finally come face to face with an orangutan.

The wisdom in its eyes, the depth of understanding, will make you shiver. And it’s not just the orangutans of Borneo that provide you with a magical experience.

Ask Zelie to create you a luxury tailor-made holiday to Borneo and you’ll find yourself walking through tropical jungle, discovering hidden waterfalls and chattering rivers. You’ll be surrounded by flying squirrels, proboscis monkeys, pigmy elephants and a kaleidoscopic array of dazzling birds.

You will wander through jaw-dropping caves, the largest of them big enough to house St Paul’s Cathedral. You’ll swim in tropical pools and dine beside spectacular waterfalls. You’ll take longboat trips along winding tributaries and be welcomed into traditional longhouses by the local Iban people.

Borneo is the world’s third largest island, and one of the most unspoiled regions on Earth, with a variety of habitats; from pristine coastline, to misty jungles and majestic mountains. To experience it brings a new meaning to the word ‘privilege’.

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