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Explora Patagonia, Torres del Paine

This is your chance to stay in the heart of Torres del Paine National Park – a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve – in a ‘hotel built for linking man to temporary space’.

The architecture is unmistakeably leading edge. Lines of windows zig zag across white walls that appear to be tumbling down a hillside towards the glass-smooth Lake Pehoe. And in the background is the monumental natural architecture of the peaks of Torres del Paine National Park; dramatic, snow covered rock spires clawing at the sky.

If your taste in landscapes is for rugged beauty, wild skies with ragged white clouds and mirror-like lakes, visit Explora Patagonia on your luxury, tailor-made holiday to Chile. Even more so if your preferred mode of transport is on horseback and you have a fine appreciation for aesthetically pleasing modern architecture. And especially if you also appreciate contemporary luxury and fusion food that’s designed to promote a sensation of wellbeing, served with excellent Chilean wine.

Explora Patagonia, at a glance

  • Explorer’s hotel on the banks of Lake Pehoe, in Chile’s foremost national park
  • Architecturally stylish exterior in keeping with the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve
  • Choice of 49 guest rooms including six Exploradoes suites, seven Salto Chico rooms and 36 Cordillera Paine rooms
  • All with wide angle views of the Macizo del Paine or the Salto Chico waterfall
  • Designer en suite bathrooms and interiors maximising the use of beautiful woods including lenga, cypress and almendrillo
  • Suites have wall-to-wall picture windows, sofas and sitting areas
  • Cuisine designed to satisfy your palate whilst being light and healthy

For leisure and pleasure

  • Choice of over 40 different adventures that will take you deep into the fabulous national park
  • Horse riding through natural pampas and along the banks of rivers
  • Hiking with a qualified guide
  • Nature walks around the lake and through forests of lenga trees
  • Explore the trails of the Paine Massif
  • Extended excursions to the Torres base, Grey Glacier and the Valle del Frances
  • Ride with local gauchos and discover their traditional lifestyl
  • Explora's other properties include Rapa NuiAtacama and Valle Sagrado
  • We would like to thank your team for all the wonderful journeys we have had in the past. Anything organised by Ultimate Travel has worked like clockwork.

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