Volcanoes, glaciers, ice peaks, deserts and salt pans. For a thin country, Chile packs them all in

Who would have thought a desert could be so exciting? But then, who would have thought a country just 110 miles wide would contain glaciers and mountains, alpine forests, coastal fjords and thousands of volcanoes?

2,500 miles long, but barely as wide as England, Chile encompasses extremes of both fire and ice within its borders, and combines them with some outlandish landscapeStand in the Atacama Desert and you’ll understand. You’ll be surrounded by an area that includes salt pans, explosive geysers and Moon Valley – a landscape that is alien and, at the same time, strikingly beautiful.

In striking contrast are the jagged, blue ice peaks of the Patagonian Ice Cap where the Andes finally stagger into the sea, and you can explore the glaciers, lakes and mountains of Torres del Paine National Park.

Ask Nabila , one of our Chile experts, for a tailor-made itinerary and your holiday in Chile could also include a trip to the eerie Easter Island with its enigmatic statues. Plus a visit to one of Chile’s 2000 volcanoes.

Nabila will also certainly use her knowledge of this part of the world to recommend you visit the beautiful vineyards and photogenic countryside that surrounds Santiago. Lapostelle, for example, with its gravity wine-making method, where you can stay overnight, sampling the wonderful hospitality, brilliant local cuisine and, of course, their world class wine.

For a thin country, Chile certainly offers a breadth of experiences.

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